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Anespa DX

Anespa DX

The new and unique Anespa DX home spa system turns your ordinary bathroom into a natural hot spring resort, with a simple design and easy filter replacement.

The high-quality ceramic filter element purification system effectively removes harmful substances such as chlorine, sand, mud, rust, etc., bringing you a fresh and invigorating feeling. Protect your delicate skin from the harmful effects of tap water. Activated carbon filter and ceramic internal filter made of travertine from the two radium hot springs.

mineral ionized water
Contains a blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals to make you feel like you are enjoying a pleasant hot spring, taking full advantage of mineral ionized water. Relax and enjoy!

Ore taken directly from Nigu Radium Hot Spring in Hokkaido, Japan. This stone gives a gentle and relaxing effect like a spa.

medical stone
Rich in minerals, composed of more than 25,000 different minerals, absorbs toxic substances and regulates water quality.

active stone
Produces strong negative ions.