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SD501 Platinum

SD501 Platinum

Loved by 82 countries, LeveLuk SD501 Platinum Edition integrates 5 languages in one machine!

1. English
2. German
3. French
4. Italian
5. Spanish
Consists of 7-layer electrolytic board with powerful functions
Simple operation, light and small design structure

1. The electrolytic cell is composed of 7 layers of electrolytic plates
The electrolytic cell is composed of 7 layers of titanium-platinum-plated electrolytic plates, which are powerful. It can stably generate electrolyzed water with ORP ranging from +1130mV to -800mV (depending on the selected generated water and tap water). After tap water is electrolyzed, hydroxide ions are added and hydrogen gas is produced at the same time.

2. Built-in electrolysis promotion liquid tank
Can generate strong acidic water and strong Kangen water continuously and stably

The built-in electrolysis promotion liquid tank can conveniently and stably generate strong acidic water and strong reduced water continuously. One injection of electrolysis promoting solution (400g) can produce about 20~30 liters of strong acidic water.

3. Large LCD display and sound prompt
Simple and convenient operation

Clear and large liquid crystal display screen and sound prompts (Kangen water, acidic water, strong acidic water, purified water in the process), easy to operate.

※When the strong acidic water button is pressed, the strong acidic water flows out from the gray outlet pipe, and at the same time, the strong Kangen water flows out from the soft conduit.